Saturday, November 17, 2012

violin lessons

Ever since Charlotte was very young I would whisper in her ear,

"Some day you will play a string instrument...a cello, or a violin perhaps."

The day finally arrived, along with the my house.

The plan was that I  might possibly learn how to play some too. I did learn. I learned that I did not prefer the violin as my instrument of choice. Something about the neck position, and even though I could read the music, getting my fingers to cooperate on those strings was another matter altogether.

On Thursday mornings you will find me blissful as I observe my daughter learning to play this beautiful instrument. 

But I feel somewhat like I must look into the camera and make a disparaging statement,

"I am a violin student dropout."


wayside wanderer said...

Oh, she is such a cutie.

Karen said...

Hehehehe....I think I would be, too.
I love the look of concentration on that sweet girl!

Nancy said...

I think you were very brave to give it a try. That's more than I did:)

Karen Andreola said...

Now that my girls are married I miss hearing strings in the house. To give a child the gift of being able to play an instrument as beautiful sounding as a violin (although the practice-sessions may not sound beautiful at the time) is something of great worth. Sorry the violin didn't "take" for you. I had two cello lessons in 2003.
Karen A.

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