Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 3, 2012

The grayness of the overcast sky was lugubriously observed as I drew back the hotel curtains.

 Equivocalness wrestled in my soul.

 I was musing a forecast that was predicting a hot, sunny day. 

Just as we filed out of the church doors, concluding a beautiful service, the sun began to shine and heat up the day.

 The contrasts created in the clarity and shadows followed us to the graveside.

A few days before Mother moved into my home I bought a black dress, then I set about searching shoe departments every time I went out hoping to find a pair of red shoes. I remember the day I came home with my acquisition. I opened the box to show them to my mother and her delight in their bright cherry red color brought me happiness too.
This was probably the last time I had of sharing this sort of moment with my mother.

Black dresses and red shoes will forever stir certain feelings in me.
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