Monday, July 23, 2012

a furler by day

Perhaps you know this unique plant?

Several summers ago I was wandering the gardener's department at *K-Mart* and a particular packet of  seeds caught my eye, the name of which created a memory from my childhood. Four O'clocks. The name alone sounds romantic and reminds me of afternoon tea under a shade tree.

During the day you will find them tightly closed, sleeping. But toward the late afternoon, they begin to unfurl.

Rose and I were admiring the beginnings of their performance one afternoon. My flowers do not actually begin to open until after supper... I would say a bit beyond four 0'clock.

That night I was in bed, reading and I remembered my intentions of seeing the blooms opened. It was  that time of evening that the light is hiding just around the edges, everything softly closing down for the day. I stole outside in my nightgown.

The party was in progress but I did not hang around long enough to witness it in full swing.  I felt as a peeping tom, even though there were no audible complaints. 

the 13th of October

Friday, the 13th, and at last the weather has turned cooler. I breathe deeply as I turn off the air-conditioner and slide open a few windows...