Monday, February 4, 2013

meet George

 He has never had it so good.

Neither have we.

I have always had a cat in my home. When my husband married me, I came with an attachment, a long-haired cat named Tiffany.
I considered him blessed, he was getting a double portion, after all.

With Penny no longer being around, not only was there a huge hole in my heart, but my home felt like it had a hole in it too. A cat-less house is lonely. Since Penny was almost twenty years old when she died, the thoughts of a kitten make me twitch slightly, but a grown cat, 
now, that would be perfect. 


The dB family said...

He's lovely! I would so love a cat in the house, but alas, I am allergic.


Karen said...

He looks like he belongs there! He is just beautiful. We have a fondness for black and white "tuxedo" kitties, as we have four now.
Jazz used to be an indoor kitty, but allergies led us to have to put him out and he loves it!

wayside wanderer said...

George looks very dignified. I would love a cat, too, but a few of my family members are allergic. I think they make a room look more cozy when I spot them in photos and paintings.

Hill upon Hill said...

Ah a good match.

Hill upon Hill said...

Ah a good match.

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