Wednesday, February 20, 2013

therefore, I knit and read

I knit. I read.

The very next words that spring into my mind are, "therefore, I am"; and I giggle. 
More appropriately, I am, therefore, I knit and read.

 Reading and knitting certainly have a rightful place in the rhythm of my days.

I knitted these mitts right before Christmas, when holly berries were center front on my mind.  It was a pleasing knit, probably due to the lushness of this yarn. Yet the little cabling that came forth from this pattern was rewarding too as I sat at the kitchen table and did school with Charlotte.

I love this book! Please allow me to say it again, I love this book! It is rich, and I prefer only taking little morsels at a time. I chew contemplatively on its substance, picking up the Bible and reading the scriptures for myself that Mr. Packer references throughout its pages. I want to be like the Bereans, "in that they received the Word with all readiness of mind, and searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so." (Acts 17:11)

Ginny, of Small Things, is calling my name to be a part of her Yarn along this week. Come along too, it is always fun to spend a bit of time with fellow knitters and readers!


GretchenJoanna said...

I'm giggling with you. It's nice to imagine sitting and reading, knitting -- and occasionally giggling -- together. God bless you!

wayside wanderer said...

Dr. Packer was just in town at the church of a friend. Usually we go hear him preach, but we have found a new church home and didn't want to miss (which I think is saying a LOT). So, this book has been on my mind. I have it but have never read it and I really want to. I need to finish a good one on prayer that I am reading but this might be next. Or maybe this summer would be good. Anyhoo...cute mitts. I need some for indoor wear. I cannot seem to get warm. This is a job for my dd, Anna. :)

Karen Andreola said...

I sympathize with your sentiment of loving this book. Tomorrow's Sunday school class will be on its last chapter of J.I.Packer's Knowing God. It is one of those books you can read perennially and learn something new with each new reading of it. He has a strong opinion on "images" and I understand his meaning more now than I did before. We have it on our kindle.
Karen A.

The dB family said...

Hehe! My days are quite similar. I am going to see if our church library has Packer's book. I think I may have read it already, but I really should remember that, so it's time I read it again then!


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