Monday, September 23, 2013

a walk in town

Always looking for a way to make the use of my time as profitable as possible when my children are at their private lessons.

Charlotte has a new piano teacher this year. This means she takes a 45 minute private lesson twice a week, and a 45 minute group theory class once a week. I only have so many errands to run while I am out, so I may chose to read, do handwork, or take a nap (after all, one of the classes is at 4:15 in the afternoon), while I am waiting for her.

I was glad the gorgeous fall temperatures allowed for a walk this morning while she had one of her lessons.

It was more of a walk in town rather than in a neighborhood, as I am accustomed.

Around the YMCA, through the city park, and across the parking lot of the city pool/tennis area, mainly I walked on the sidewalks.

 I wanted to share this sand sculpture that was created in the park for this past weekend's special event. 
The detail was amazing.


Claire Davis said...

How fun, thanks for sharing. I'm going to take Bennett over there today and see if it's still there!

This cooler air makes it soo lovely to be outside.

wayside wanderer said...

It is good to know that I am not alone in my nap taking. I always appreciated your comment on my blog about grieving. It does just come out of the blue. I'm sorry you were sad, too. One day we will have ungrief...what a day that will be!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's hard to believe that sculpture is made completely of sand!!!

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