Friday, January 31, 2014

a best sort of friend

 I will be heading out the door very soon to spend some time with a special friend. She became a widow last January when the solo flight airplane her husband was piloting crashed. He was deemed an hero because he successfully guided the troubled plane over a heavily populated neighborhood onto an open field. He was just that kind of man.

We will pray and laugh and talk about Jesus. We will knit and eat whenever the mood strikes. We will stay up late and drink coffee tomorrow morning while still in our nightgowns and plan the morning's ventures. We will remember and cry tears. Because isn't that the best sort of friend, after all?


GretchenJoanna said...

Yes, you are being the best sort of friend. May God bless your time together and make it full of His love and joy.

Laura said...

It sounds wonderful May the Lord give you a sweet time of fellowship!

wayside wanderer said...

Friends like that are a blessing and a taste of Heaven to come.

Karen said...

My sentiments exactly. You will be a joy and blessing to your sweet friend.

The dB family said...

Sounds like a very special time. You are a great friend!


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