Thursday, February 27, 2014


I like the word inglenook, especially with lower case letters.

 There it sits all smug, and inviting you to come gather around the fireside to sip a cup of English Breakfast tea alongside a slice of homemade wheat bread slathered in butter.

Laura came yesterday and taught Rose and me the essentials of wheat loaf bread making. I ordered the extra ingredients from  the Urban Homemaker, and at the present rate we are eating this bread, next week I can solo on my own bread making endeavors.


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Homemade wholewheat bread is so delicious - perfect for those cooler days....

justamouse said...

Haha! YOu have succumbed.

My children refuse store bought bread, now. I haven't bought sandwich bread in…three, four years, maybe?

Every time you take it out of the oven it is the best thing ever-even still.

tea relish

Funny how little things scurry into my mind these days. Things "au nouveau" that prick interest, the voice in the back of my mind ...