Wednesday, July 16, 2014

to lay a plan

I have noticed that some of us women like to lay a plan for our days. A carefully laid out plan, a list, that may help create harmony and rhythm to the quotidian engagements of our life, and possibly assuage the ups and downs of any particular day. Summer to a large extent is lived in randomness at my house, but at the end of a day I might sense an unsettleness in my soul that makes me want to have some sort of plan to, at the minimum, work toward something....know what I mean?

So this morning I will begin to lay a plan... knowing tweaking is always a needed option.

*up early, Bible, prayer time
*walk several miles
* water inside and outside plants, even if the rains came last night and provided some relief, I must at least check them for dryness(especially those under shelter)
*clean refrigerator
*launder towels, dry, fold, and put away
*run vacuum in kitchen area

*sew on summer dress for myself
*sew straps on Charlotte's new ballet shoes, (and show her how in the process...she will be needing this skill in the future)
*make salsa with the abundance of tomatoes
*make a meal for a neighbor that has been seriously ill
*drop Charlotte at ballet camp
*run into grocery store and purchase some needed items
*make a few phone calls

I will see how this pans out. It is at least a start...

My windows are opened to the birds calls and the gurgling of my fountain this morning as I type this post! Glorious summer morning...time to sew! 

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Leslie aka the wayside wanderer said...

Did your plan work well? I have a few things I should be attending to more urgently than I am. It is just that....well....I don't really WANT to. Sigh.

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