Friday, May 30, 2014

ice cream cake request...and delicious icing to share

She is eleven now. Turning eleven has its benefits.

  The only thing that makes this cake different from other cakes is the ice cream layer in the middle. A favorite yellow cake recipe was chosen along with the request of a strawberry ice cream layer. So far so good, but the best part of this cake with all its tasty goodness was the addition of this simple,delicious icing. Take one container of cool whip topping and mix it together with a jar of marshmallow creme, spread it quickly on the frozen cake while your newly turned eleven year old daughter randomly places the pastel-colored M&M's, attempting not to get intertwined with your spreading knife. Scoot it back into the freezer and remove it about twenty minutes before serving. 

Shh!...there were several that had seconds!
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