Thursday, April 16, 2015

what was I thinking?

My husband mentions at intervals set well apart in time (because he is such a patient man) that he is still eagerly awaiting a pair of hand knitted socks. Several years back I ordered some kettle dyed black wool yarn with the intent to knit a pair of socks for him. When the wool arrived, I picked up the black soft fingerling weight wool, rubbed it across my face and asked myself, "What was I thinking...knitting socks with black yarn?"
 But recently with the fortitude and the courage to what will seem like swimming the English Channel in a sea of inky waters...I begin the knit one, purl one ribbing on 2.5 double pointed needles.

Knitting in the daylight, outside on the porch works well. Yesterday, I sat by a window to gain as much of the day's reflection as possible, where I actually progressed to the K3 P1 pattern of this handsome classic sock. 

I am carefully making a plan to finish these socks by Christmas. This project will be pulled out throughout the long days of summer to add several rounds daily. As I knit my mind will think of the joy in his face when he opens this long awaited gift packaged in Christmas wrapping.
Then I will most definitely remember what I was thinking, with no regrets.


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Beautiful written and photographed! Your way with words is poetic Cathy. Working with dark yarn or fabric is indeed a challenge best attained in good daylight. A great project with much heartfelt love to be given and received.

Eileen said...

HI, I love reading this blog! Your Agatha Christie quote, oh so true ! I made the decision several years ago- no more black yarn, I can’t see it anymore and does not make for enjoyable knitting. I guess it was the knitting that I saw the fact, my eyes are changing! My pi shawl is the perfect summer knit, easy no brainer and of course I feel like I’m knitting with Elizabeth next to me.
Will post pictures thru the summer, though it may be one of those knots I will not want to end, like a really good book!
Thanks for the words of encouragement- the ear is solo much better today. Hope to hear from you again, have a wonderful day.

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