Thursday, May 28, 2015

strawberries and smocking

A phone call last evening from my neighbor, it is the last days of strawberry picking, an invitation ensued. We headed out to the fields this morning and I came home with a gallon of the ending season's bounty. The strawberries this year have been deliciously sweet, and I have found a way to make them have a longer life if kept in the refrigerator with a few simple tips. Place unwashed berries in a Tupperware container, or any such container with a tight fit will work fine, then layer the berries with wax paper on the bottom and a paper towel on top. Tighlty secure the container's top and place it into the refrigerator. I was pleased to find the berries lasted over a week when prepared in this way. Since today's berries are the last of the crop, I do not expect them to last as long, but tomorrow I have big plans for them anyway.

The gentle art of smocking a garment keeps me happy. A pink batiste gown was completed and Charlotte is enjoying wearing it to bed at night. We are venturing to the Green Mountain State next Friday and Charlotte has asked if I might have her robe smocked and sewn so she will have it to wear. I was right on schedule, until I realized I had pleated, blocked, and smocked two right sides. Woe! I sat outside on the back porch and ripped out the gentle smocking, consoling myself that this was only a minor setback. Grace was applied, the pleating was completed, the blocking was done, and I plan to begin to smock once again his evening. Only a small kink!



melissa said...

I've never smocked, but have found such peace in embroidery and cross-stitching in-hand on linen. Something about it, and sadly, I've not done any in ages. You've pricked my interest again.

Btw, beautiful work. So delicate. :)

Karen said...

Right! Strawberries don't last long enough around here. They have been very tasty this year. I so admire your dedication to such a tedious task. It will be lovely, of that I am sure. Enjoy your trip!

Leslie said...

I can tell those are good strawberries, they are such a beautiful deep red. Mmmmm. We have been enjoying strawberry shortcake (took it camping with us) and blueberries. I hope you have a great trip and Charlotte enjoys wearing her new nightwear.

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