Tuesday, June 2, 2015

pickle addition

Egg Salad and I have a union of sorts. We go way back, and while I have my standby traditional not to be disputed addition of ingredients, where I do experiment is with the addition of pickle, the variety of pickle that is since either sweet or dill pickles will make a delicious egg salad. This day it was sweet gherkins.

Then I add a tad of mustard, a good helping of mayonaise, salt and pepper and spread it on whole wheat bread for a sandwich. It is also very good on a cracker.

Deviled eggs are basically the same ingredients. Though I do like to add a garnish of fresh chives when the herb garden is flourishing.


melissa said...

When we have pickles, they get eaten up so fast, they never make it to egg salad. :) I'll have to try your addition, though. Sounds like we make it the same, but I do add a bit of sugar. I have to be careful with the mustard. I've ruined too many egg salads and potato salad by putting in too much.

Btw, yours look so pretty all set out in the egg plate. Chives...a pretty garnish.

Karen said...

Sounds like an egg-cellent recipe. :) I put in a bit more mustard and some vinegar. We like ours tangy. Remind me when we get together again to tell you the egg salad story.

Hill upon Hill said...

Oh yum, my mum always adds pickles.

We are so cold here and you are probably hot?

Although we do not have snow, our houses are not built for cold weather so we do really feel it.

Off to the lake house soon for our holiday and we will enjoy an open fire.

Jayne M said...

Isn't that funny? Everyone I know thinks it is weird to put pickled gherkins in egg salad, but I love it. And obviously so do other people - I am not alone!

Karen Andreola said...

My mother brought us up on lots of pickles. Pickles and eggs - a companionable match. I like "bread and butter" pickles best. Your sandwich and platter of eggs look scrumptious.

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