Wednesday, August 26, 2015

a small state of chaos

I am discombobulated. This is due to the master bath renovation currently going on in my home. I am grateful for upstairs bathrooms  and upstairs bedrooms while the redo is going on downstairs. My husband vacuumed with a fierce spirit last night with frequent statements of how dirty the floors are under his feet. I grin inside because I know we all maintain ways of trying to cope with all the sheet rock dust, boards and paint as best we can, not to even mention the boxes of things moved temporarily upstairs causing great disarray there too.

As an attempt to take control, knowing it is useless to do my normal house cleaning duties at the present, I engage in a housekeeping duty of a small nature. I was thinking it would be beneficial to have a weekly housecleaning chore of those things I don't do on a regular basis. The other cleaning can wait to this weekend when the workers will be absent.

Housekeeping Duty of the Week:
Remove the kitchen faucet handles and scrub all the gunk that has accumulated around the edges. While you are at this job, be sure to remove the nozzle of the faucet, and likewise, clean the build-up gunk. This is one of those jobs that is not easily noticeable to the eye, but it makes one feel so much healthier after completing the chore.

And I might find it a good thing to consider a virtue to work on while I am evaluating how to make my home peaceful and calm in the midst of a higgledy piggledy state.

Virtue of the Week:
Generous, in spirit and in manner. I can afford to be understanding of others that live in the same house  and are living in the same chaos. If they want to run the vacuum in the evening with fierceness...I can smile even if I am tired and the vacuum makes my nerves go "BING". I can allow Charlotte a lunch break to watch an episode of House Hunters International. I can even take a cat nap after lunch if it helps with the sleepless nights due to being in a double versus queen bed.

What do you do when things of the physical nature are chaotic in your home?


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

A little like yourself Cathy I choose to count my blessings, make allowances and focus on some productive work which can be done. It is a luxury to have more than one bathroom in a home.

Claire Davis said...

Looking forward to seeing the bathroom when it is done! Can image the chaos.

Oo like Charlotte I love House Hunters International. I love imaging living in all the countries. Especially with a million dollar budget hehe.

melissa said...

Ooo Chaos. Not my favorite situation. I tend to like to make a small oasis in the midst, or not in the midst. :) Order in an area helps. I do understand.

You're keeping your sense of humor, and that's always a good thing.

Hill upon Hill said...

I bake.

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