Wednesday, December 23, 2015

CHRISTmas eve's eve

The day is dark due to the bouts of pouring rain and  heavily clouded skies, but two electric candle lights burn in my sewing room casting a sweet glow. I am here to share two musings on this day referred to by Charlotte as" Christmas Eve's eve. "

Musing of a serious note: As I was rummaging through stacks of old magazines in the attic with high hopes of finding a particular recipe, I found a letter dated 3 May 1985. As I picked up the lavender- shaded envelope my heart began to be pricked with a cylinder sharp prick when I saw the return address, Mrs.______ ____ _____, 3rd. This a dear friend from college, we were sorority sisters and  bridesmaids in each other's weddings. I opened it with such a deep longing to call her. Instead I heard her voice across the pages of this ruffled letter. During the time she penned this letter, we were both young mothers, raising our firstborn children, sons. She was giving me details of Matthew's toddler life and heralding me with the news of the births of sons and daughters of other sorority sisters.
   "I think of you often and wish we saw more of each other. Love, Am-" 
 I slipped the letter into the envelope's pocket with thoughts this Christmas of her husband and three now grown sons. My dear friend, Amy, died three years ago. I do wish I could speak to her today.  But instead I see her handwriting, my memory hears her voice, and I remember her beautiful face. How thankful I am for the gift of inadvertently discovering that letter hidden under some old magazines this Christmas.

Musings of a funny note: The weather is the talk of all the Christmas gatherings this year. It has been...well...weird. These past days have been very warm, unseasonably so in the high 60's and 70's F.
Thunder and rain creating yards that even in the grass display deep puddles. I scooped up the vegetable scraps from meal preparations, slipped off my shoes and ran down to the raised garden beds to throw on for compost. The mud squished between my toes making me squeal and giggle with fun! Just think  bare feet and tepid mud to run through at Christmas!

Celebrating Jesus Christ at CHRISTmas with the joys as well as the sorrows life brings until HE returns.              


Karen Andreola said...

Hello Cheryl,

I can sympathize with your serious note, of your pang of sorrow, for someone you would like to have a chat with, to hear her voice, but she is gone. We notice the absence of someone we love who has passed, most on holidays.

As per your squishy footsteps: it sounds delightful. Merry Christmas. Karen A.

PS I like your sewing room lots, and the color of your cabinet.

Hill upon Hill said...

I saw your blog in my 'feed' this evening and realised that I had not read anything from you for a while. I stopped and visited. There were many posts here which had not made it to my feed... so it was a lovely surprise.
Oh handwritten letters. Such a treat that perhaps this generation will not know of. To feel your friend through her personal and unique penmanship... of a time that you shared together.
Oh my.
Thoughts to you and your family; I am so encouraged that even though the world seems so large; we have your family and ours; in wonder at Christ's birth at this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Aw, yes! It was great having a warm Christmas and being able to enjoy going barefoot. I'm glad you still like going barefoot. ;)

The dB family said...

Loved your sharing of both a serious and fun nature. Both show how special life is! It's been mild here too -- up until today, at least. Wishing you a very blessed New Year!! Hugs!

melissa said...

Hey sweet friend. I'm late coming by, but wanted to send some lovin'. :) Not sure I've shared, but am blogging in a new spot. Book reviews at same place, but now I'm writing at Not having comments open, though. Just talking to myself. Please come by.

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