Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"like" button choices

 In this space I share bits and pieces of my life, realizing that there will be some kindred spirits out there that might possibly share, or at least enjoy a common lifestyle with me. I love reading certain blogs and commenting from time to time, and I equally love the times I have received comments from others upon their reading one of my posts.

All that to say, I deleted my instragram last evening. I have yet to begin a facebook account, although I am aware of how it works and have visited from time to time on my daughter's space. Yes, there are times I feel antiquated, or a lone ranger, or (*gasp*) not "in the know". But for the most part I stand ground on the thought of what I don't know won't kill me, or hasn't to this point anyway.

I am not savvy with technology and the communication modes of today. I am not trying to moralize, judge, or stand on any sort of soapbox here, so please fine tune what I am saying. I frankly need to voice these thoughts today for some reason. It is simply a matter of  choosing not to connect with people in that manner. I can't remember why I signed up for an instragram account this summer...maybe a suggestion from someone younger and more "with it" than me...But when I remembered to check that little box on my phone I would find myself flummoxed. If I like something from time to time...wonderful...all I had to do was push the little heart- like button and I had made a statement. Where it began to be a issue was when I did not like something necessarily...and by not liking it would I be hurting some one's feelings? I would read all the names of the others that liked it, and wonder if maybe the thing to do was just always push the like button...but then why have the choice? 

Is our culture's need to become seekers of approval from others so strong that sincerity and honesty have no solid ground upon which to stand? Do we wear masks even as we push little heart -buttons of liking as we view these small windows of other people's lives? And does it hold any clout or give strong meaning to what photos we will actually display on our instragram? 

Thanks for allowing me this bit of bewildered wandering. I am very much like one in the desert these days.

   Totally random photo....  in September we made a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. 

I posted it because I like her blue ribboned straw colonial hat, and because I like how I caught her looking at a running stream under the cabinet maker's shop. You may comment a " like" if you want to, if you don't, I promise, it will not hurt my's your choice.

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