Wednesday, February 4, 2015

a wedding program

Surprisingly, of all the things I did as the wedding planner for my daughter's wedding, by far the most challenging was the creating and filling in of the wedding ceremony's program. It took the greatest time and effort for me to complete a finished, perfect copy of the ceremony's order of events along with the listing of the wedding party's names.

And I had support and help in a wonderful person who put all my information on the computer for printing. She also printed the first batch of programs, trimming and folding all 200 of them! Yes, I did say, first batch. After several times of proofreading, thinking I was going over them with a fine-tuned comb, having others look at them, still, the groom's maternal grandfather's name showed up spelled wrong on the final copies!

I had to build up nerve to call this wonderful person and ask her if she would please reprint them. Then one evening my husband, Charlotte and I sat at the dining room table and we cut and folded all 200 of this second batch. If I had not already realized it, at this point I was assured this wonderful person did not charge me nearly enough!

But we were extremely pleased with the final program. 

Leslie, will be helping to plan her daughter's wedding in the future. I did this post especially with her in mind!

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