Thursday, February 18, 2016

a smocked daygown

Fresh and brand-new she will be when she travels home from the hospital in this fresh and brand new smocked daygown made especially for her with love and prayers swimming around in every available space in my heart.
I used the Missy pattern by Children's Corner constructed in a white batiste.
The little miss will be adorned lovingly in her matching knitted pink sweater and bonnet  since she must travel home in style.

"Babies are such a nice way to start people"
                                                                                                       Don Herold

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

now the sweet bonnet...yarnalong

 It seemed the only proper thing to do upon the completion of the sweater was to knit the matching bonnet for her soon-to-be-born-sweet head. After all it was such a fun project to knit, and the sweater is adorable. So I picked up my #5 needles and the Bernat Softee Baby yarn and began knitting once again. I love the addition of the softest 1/4" pink silk ribbon  woven through the eyelet knit holes.  I am flagging this pattern  as a favorite knitted baby set, especially for little girls. Therefore, I am giving kudos to it once again on this weeks 
yarn along with all of you.

My family is back to "normal" once again after a flurry of family visits and other activities of the past week and a half. But I did find the time to pull my Lenten books off the book shelf. This book, written by Walter Wangerin, Jr., is a new one I purchased last year but never read. I look forward to this being a part of our family Lent devotions as I do like what I have read in the introduction thus far.  During my own personal quiet time this morning I revisited this excellent book by Nancy Guthrie. 

I do love this season.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 the uttermost

It has only been thirteen days, but we have packed the days as full as we the uttermost. That is where I imagine that Alan is returning to in the clandestine places of my heart, to a uttermost region of the world. I have never been to Taiwan where Alan lives.

But I am extremely thankful for these past thirteen days that we have had to just be with him, to sit and drink potfuls of tea, times of laughter and great chatter, moments of sitting quietly being nourished by familial closeness, visits from family and friends, praying around tables and in circles at special gatherings, comings and goings. We are storing up to the uttermost gladsome memories until Alan will return to us again.

It seemed as if time stopped for a awhile as routine somewhat ceased, but isn't that silly? Time rushes on and we struggle with this short visits end. Yet, we are tremendously thrilled he can continue to pursue his dreams, and make a difference in the world even if that means in a foreign land.

Charlotte has been carefully learning world geography for the past two years. At the end of this year she is preparing to draw and label the entire world including continents, countries, oceans and seas all correctly recorded. She drew Asia this past week. 

"Charlotte, years ago, yet not that many years ago, missionaries such as Hudson Taylor and Lottie Moon had to travel on a boat on this route to get to China", I stated as I traced my finger on the flat map.

 Coursing through my mind and onto the tongue I hear myself say, " And they did not have *Skype*or *Line* either. They were not able to see their relatives or friends or hear their voices for years. It would possibly even take months to hear from the folks back home in letter form."

 Thankful I am for technology on this day in February.

We watched him head to the gate this late afternoon.

the completion of Middlemarch

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