Friday, June 10, 2016

glorious June

in the garden...

Upon a most imploring request, my husband constructed a raised bed  in order for me to start a new lavender garden. He is just like that! Since we had to move our bee hives to Witt's house, I harvest the lavender rather stringently these days compared to afore years, when it was gratifying to watch the honey bees gently drinking the sweet nectar of the lavender blooms.

The hydrangeas make me swoon this year, so beautiful!  I was hoping to tend my soil to urge blue blooms from this particular bush that sits on the northeast side of my house, across a expanse of lawn from my lavender bed. But instead I am enjoying the most fetching shades of lavender and indigo.

And the company I keep is good too. Some cats chose where they want to live and with whom. Louie is one such cat. One cold February night he appeared at our back door meowing alarmingly. He has completely stolen our hearts with his cat's heart and winsome ways.


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Your hydrangeas and lavender have beautiful colours. Time spent in the garden often brings wonderful rewards.

Hill upon Hill said...

For us, hydrangeas mean Christmas.
We have so much lavender here, all from one plant. I love it.

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