Friday, July 29, 2016

bring on the summer vegetables

It is nothing short of great pleasure to see backyard gardens, farmers markets, curbside stands, and  local produce at the grocery store furnishing a plethora of summer vegetables and fruits to please even the most finicky eater. 

I have a friend who wrote in her last letter she presently hopes to maintain something fermenting on her counter on a regular basis. That inspired me higher up and further on to taking a chance on fermenting okra recently. A simple brine with spices and garlic put into a jar along with fresh okra, then a five to six day requirement for the fermenting process on the counter, which only left the taste test. Not bad, actually! They have now been allotted a special place in the refrigerator, which will only improve their salty, slightly pickled flavor. 

A gazpacho was made with the abundance of tomatoes and other summer veggies and herbs. Due to several reasons of various matters, my husband and I are undertaking a five day mainly fruit and vegetable fast. We have survived the first day. I say that tongue in cheek; my husband knows this is a very good idea in mind and operation, but his body clamors incessantly for meals of meat and potatoes, and let's not forget his almost daily bowl of evening popcorn! I natter on with positive regard to our planned meals. After eating a full bowl of this delicious gazpacho, he commented," Now we are going to eat the main meal, right?"
It is only five days...

Saturday, July 23, 2016

cartridge pleats successfully completed!

I am just around the bend from finishing my 1860 day gown. I successfully completed the cartridge pleats this afternoon while watching an episode of BBC's  All Creatures Great and Small. I gave my husband the full eight years on DVD for Fathers Day. He was well-pleased.

These pleats are not difficult in themselves to sew, yet it helps to have a few tips to keep from creating undue frustration. I found some excellent tips here for which I am thankful.

Now all that needs to be done is the hem, and perhaps some embellishment on the sleeves and front bodice.

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