Friday, September 8, 2017

muckles of summer

As summer begins in June I always delve into a myriad of activity like one whose life depends on great accomplishment in order to deem success, yet, I never lose the clear visions of lazy days of summer echoing with great accordance in the back recesses of my mind. Now that we are officially at the end of the month of August, I realize how rich the past three months have been, providing both times of activity and rest.

A Bridal Shower

 A Fair Isle Sweater finished and packed into the cedar chest until cold weather comes, and it will.

Honey Harvest

And a afternoon of reading while the first leaves fall


Hill upon Hill said...

What is the book like/about?

melissa said...

Your way with words is beautiful. As is that sweater. That you made it with your own hands amazes me.

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