Friday, September 8, 2017

as autumn slithers in

We have survived the first full week of September with flying colors, 
Charlotte  beginning her first year of high school. I have been this route three other times, thus I know how quickly these next four years will pass. She opted to take some coop classes this year, so that has changed the flavor of our schooling days somewhat. I teach her only two classes, Physical Science and Latin IV, the remaining classes are taken on Friday and Tuesday.

It is different. But all is good and I see such benefit for this daughter who is already planning her course of study somewhat when she graduates from high school in 2021.

I am presently knitting on a shawl I named  Maine Bound, the knitting project I carried along as we traveled to Maine back in August. The pattern for this shawl can be found here. There is an   interesting 30 line diamond pattern in between the solid garter knitting which makes it a nice knit by providing that proviso of extra mind attention I so desperately need.

About three years ago a friend gave me a  box of her large DMC floss collection. This has a been like a running stream of help when it comes to embroidery and smocking projects. I organized my sewing room by filing several of my scattered skeins yesterday in the appropriate envelopes. 

muckles of summer

As summer begins in June I always delve into a myriad of activity like one whose life depends on great accomplishment in order to deem success, yet, I never lose the clear visions of lazy days of summer echoing with great accordance in the back recesses of my mind. Now that we are officially at the end of the month of August, I realize how rich the past three months have been, providing both times of activity and rest.

A Bridal Shower

 A Fair Isle Sweater finished and packed into the cedar chest until cold weather comes, and it will.

Honey Harvest

And a afternoon of reading while the first leaves fall

the completion of Middlemarch

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