Thursday, January 1, 2009

Endings and Beginnings

It was a week packed with flurried activity, color, laughter, and lots of history! I thought I would share a few of the things that have engraved deep crevices in my heart and mind. You know those simple things that are cherished along life's way.

After a traditional Christmas breakfast at home of sausage and egg casserole, cinnamon rolls, and ambrosia and then, of course, present opening, we loaded the car and headed to Williamsburg, Virginia where we "donned our gay apparel" and dined at the Kings Arm Tavern strictly by candlelight in true Williamsburg fashion. By far the easiest Christmas dinner I have experienced in years.

Witt and Alan left the next morning while the rest of us continued on and spent the day touring Colonial Williamsburg. At the Governor's Palace Rose and Charlotte mounted the horse stand and I loved how Charlotte was caught in mid-mount.

There was quite a bit of water to behold and the girls certainly embraced this moment by running along the sands of the York River.

I fell in love this week. And since I am already madly in love with my husband, it was an entirely new sort of love altogether. The little historic town of Yorktown unabashedly stole my heart. I asked my husband if we could possibly relocate there. Immediate dreams of a possible B&B and Yarn Shop were tantalizing my soul. We had a very pleasing lunch at The Carrot Tree. Since the owner was known for her desserts we tasted the carrot cake which I must confess was the best I have ever eaten. As I rolled each forkful in my mouth I was trying to discover how I could improve my own carrot cake recipe....more ginger perhaps?

The city streets of Philadelphia in December might be noteworthy, but I only had eyes for these three. This was a day that had turned out to be quite warm which made these southerners quite satisfied.
Fortunate indeed we were to drive by this covered bridge, the oldest in Pennsylvania.

Finding interesting places to eat was one of my jobs. I reasoned because we must eat anyway why not make it memorably memorable. Taverns can always be relied upon to give character and feeling. Another candlelight meal which was needed even during the afternoon because this room was located downstairs, no windows, but a copious amount of charm and coziness oozed from every seam.

It was getting close to dusk when we finally met success by finding our state's monument on the battlefields at Gettysburg. Yes, it was a different war, but we decided since we had traveled this far we would jump ahead 70+ years in history. The day spent here was very sobering, so much American bloodshed.

Returning home to one last night of "Christmas" at home with all the home lights brightly burning. All this emblazonment along with the tree, wreaths, garlands, bows and seasonal decorations were taken down today, securely packed and carried up into the attic to be stored away until next year.

New beginnings with 2009 at my doorstep. I am gratefully content.

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