Saturday, April 24, 2010

Zippy Butterfly Dress

Sewing for me usually involves dresses for Charlotte. And usually those dresses are cut out, pleated, then smocked and sewn with collars, sleeves, and sashes.

In my world one dress may take many weeks to complete.

That is why when I found myself sewing this dress for Charlotte this week, I could not believe how quickly it was made from beginning to end.

Zip- zippeddy- do!

But every rainbow has a cloud lurking somewhere, and for me it was the shirring that was done in three places on this dress. That is the place I invested the most time by far.

But Charlotte wore the dress as she took a short spin around the block on her bicycle after dinner tonight. She said she felt like a butterfly.


crochet lady said...

How sweet! I love the color combination and pattern.

~Karen~ said...

Charlotte is a very sweet looking girl in her new butterfly dress. I always tried to make dresses for our girls when they were younger, but like you, had to take several weeks to complete them. In the summer, their sun dresses were quick to sew up, and this one fits the bill, it seems. Very pretty and I love your material and color choices, too.

The dB family said...

What a beautiful dress! I can see why Charlotte felt like a butterfly.


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