Wednesday, January 5, 2011

serving lunch

                                                  Two napkins, one for under the chin,
                                                   a bowl of cream of tomato soup with croutons,
                                                   grilled cheese sandwich cut into four triangles,
                                                   a bowl of mandarin oranges with juice,
                                                    and requested glass of lemonade and water, with ice.


The dB family said...

You could make a peanut butter sandwich look beautiful!


Carolina Gal said...

Perfect. One of my favorite lunches.

Thank you for visiting me. I know how limited your time is these days.

Still praying as always.

wayside wanderer said...

Not only is this delicious looking and beautifully arranged/prepared it speaks to me of something deeper about you and about servanthood, and mostly about Jesus.

crochet lady said...

Sounds like a great lunch!

Life In a Little House said...

That looks like a yummy and comforting meal ~Enjoy Love Heather

tea relish

Funny how little things scurry into my mind these days. Things "au nouveau" that prick interest, the voice in the back of my mind ...