Tuesday, June 28, 2011

fresh herb storage

Most of my herb garden serendipitiously lays just outside my kitchen steps making it convenient for me to grab my kitchen shears, step outside and snip whatever herbs are needed when cooking.

 Throughout the day I will drink glass upon glass of water. I love to add a few fresh mint leaves and having fresh mint readily available on the counter is a time saver. The mint will last for several days in a glass of water but I am constantly refreshing my supply.

 Like all herbs, basil has its own unique stance in summertime foods. If you need to cut your basil back but you are not planning on using it right that moment, do not store it in the refrigerator. Instead place the fresh cut leaves in a glass of water and cover with a baggie, allowing it to rest on the kitchen counter out of direct sunlight. The water in the glass should be changed daily. Your basil will stay fresh and green for more than a week when stored in this way.  You might even have the added benefit of having your basil root if left long enough!

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