Monday, March 11, 2013

O, taste and see...

 I know I am slow at times. But after reading, here, that one could read the entire New Testament in one month by simply reading ten chapters a day, it was like a gigantic light bulb was illuminated in my head! I love the Holy Scriptures and enjoy reading the Bible every day. I am tempted to say I have the habit of reading it daily, but it truly is so much more than a habit; I think of it as my daily bread. I need His Word! I have been reading the Scripture Union Encounter reading schedule for quite  a number of years, which takes me through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in five years. It is a slower reading schedule, allowing me to chew on and meditate on the passages I read. I have had a tendency in the past to think of reading the Bible in one year as being a sort of marathon, just grazing without enough regurgitating, (sorry we are "sheep"after all.) 

But now I definitely am able to see the benefit of reading a greater number of chapters at one sitting, read within a shorter time lapse. As I am now reading the chapter's passages, my eyes read the words and the Holy Spirit reminds me of those specific readings as I go throughout my day; whatever I might be doing.

But it will take me two months to read the entire New Testament, because I sense a more realistic and successful undertaking in knowing that five chapters daily is doable in my life, especially regarding all the other readings I do in a day's time. I began this on March first and already I am reaping the sweetness and comfort of it.

"The whole Bible was given for this end, that you should both believe this doctrine and live in the comfort and sweetness of it."
John Bunyan 
Christian Behavior

Why don't you join me?


The dB family said...

I didn't know the New Testament could be read in a month by reading ten chapters a day either. I do love how you changed it into a two month reading. I will join you on April 1.


wayside wanderer said...

My husband and I were talking last night and I was saying how I could not remember a day that I did not spend reading God's Word and that is NOT something I could have said 2+ years ago. Before this year I was using Dr. Horners method, which is also 10 chapters a day from all over the Bible, but I cut it down to 5 because, like you, 5 chapters just seem doable. I am still amazed how Scripture interprets itself when you read it this way. The more I read the more it weaves into my heart and my mind and it IS changing me. Many blessings as you read, Cathy! And thank you for your always so encouraging posts.

wayside wanderer said...

ps...I hope that doesn't sound prideful, but it probably does and that is not really how I meant it. I've spent so many years failing at reading God's Word, starting only to stop because I got overwhelmed or bored or didn't understand what I was reading. This time I have tried to go at it with the thought that it was OK if I didn't read EVERYday...not be legalistic about it. It is just that God has made me WANT to read. Anyway...I may have botched this. Oy.

no spring chicken said...

I'm joining you too.. I haven't read straight through in longer than I care to mention. :)

Thanks for this helpful nudge.

Blessings, Debbie

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