Thursday, March 14, 2013

hand joy

Pinstitching bands of light creamy yellow to a lavender dress.

After I had chosen this summer dress pattern by Wendy Schoen for Charlotte, I began the process of sewing it. Then I realized that it possessed a bodice band and a scalloped bottom hem band that needed to be appliqued onto the dress. Now allow me just a few moments of rambling to give you a little bit of sewing history about myself. About ten years ago I attended a class in machine appliqueing. From this class I came home with several badly stitched or half stitched items along with the realization that I did not possess a propensity for machine appliqueing. 

But hand sewing, now that is another matter altogether!  What joy leaped up when I discovered I would be pin stitching these bands onto the dress. Yes, it takes quite a bit of stitching, but how fun is that...
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