Thursday, January 29, 2015

crocheted edgings

 It is time to step aside of my usual posts "of the days before the wedding"; I'll add more of those posts  later.

Today I wanted to share some of the dainty edgings which I promised (sorta) I would share on a post recently. Both of these soft  flannel receiving blankets were gifts for a special mother-to-be at a baby shower I was delighted to attend this past weekend.

Gray Scalloped Edging:
 Aunt Lydia's Classic 10 crochet thread
#5 crochet hook

Mark every 1/2 inch all around the hem of the blanket; poke holes with your needle, then sew a blanket stitch around the entire edge. It will look like this when it is finished.

Single Crochet(SC) around the blanket.
 Chain(CH) 3, 2 Double Crochet(DC) in next sc. That will make a total of three stitches in the one sc stitch.
Ch 1 *SC in next ch, 3 DC in next chain, Ch 1*
Continue with this Pattern * until you get to the corners. 6 DC in each of the four corners.

Pink Scalloped Edging

SC around entire blanket stitch (after sewing your blanket stitch as in gray edging)
*3 DC in first ch, SC in next chain* Repeat.
At the corners, 5 DC

 In the corner of the pink polka-dotted blanket, you will notice I embroidered a simple chubby bird with a few lazy daisy flowers. I planned to use a sea foam green thread for the lace and bird, but when I found out this baby's colors were pink and gray, I decided to use light gray for the edging and a darker gray for the outline stitch of the bird.

 I hope she likes them...this little girl.

 I found one of Rose's receiving blankets, worn and tattered, tucked under her mattress when I went to move her bed several weeks ago. This blanket was hand sewn by a very special, older woman over eighteen years ago. Isn't that a happy thought, to think someone might find one of these blankets tucked in a comforting place years down the road? What a lovely story to be told!

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Leslie said...

Such a sweet gift and really beautiful handwork. I'm impressed!

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