Monday, March 9, 2015

home knitting

"Knitting not only relaxes me, it also brings a feeling of being at home" 
~Magdalena Neuner

But then one of the many glories of knitting is being able to carry a project along with  wherever you might fine yourself.

Places I have knit outside my home:
in a park
in a swing
walking a country lane
at a soccer game
at a swim meet
at a ballgame
in a gym
in a car
in an airplane
in an airport
in a doctor's/dentist office(this also includes orthodontist...)
in a train
in a train station
at a picnic
in church (not during the service, oh my!)
during meetings of various sorts
by the waves at the seashore
by the pool
at the hospital
at a friend's home
in a store, mostly knitting shops
while waiting... in several other places... while waiting... for someone... while waiting...for something to begin or end.

Where are some of the places you have knitted outside of your home? 

at the shore cum amica mea

So it was that on Thursday afternoon we headed out to the beach, two young girls (Charlotte and her friend), me and my friend, and Rancher, ...