Wednesday, February 1, 2017

silk ribbon emboidery

All it took was a Saturday morning gathered around a dining room table with a few ladies, an array of silk ribbon in beautiful shades of pink and green, and an intended project for creating a thumb pin cushion. 

I came home and after finishing my pin cushion(see in right hand corner), I went online and ordered a book and some spools of silk ribbon. Now I am accumulating my own stash for future projects. A new love of hand sewing has been birthed.


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I've not tried silk ribbon embroidery but have admired it. I hope you continue to explore and enjoy this new craft Cathy.
My son's wedding is this Saturday - just in time for a quick honeymoon before they both return for lectures at the beginning of a new academic year. See my first post in November "Another Sister" for more details. :)

CathieJ said...

What a pretty pincushion. I am looking forward to seeing your future projects.

melissa said...

Have always loved looking at this sort of embroidery, but never have tried it. Your piece looks beautiful, and with your dab hand at sewing, you should be an expert in no time!

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