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after a storm and other fancies

What would any respectable  summer be that failed to send those brief storms that stir up the rumble of thunder, the intensity of lightening, and the spate of pouring rain and then just disappears as a contented guest? But immediately following the storm there exits a strong pull to step outside to seek for rainbows and to splash in the rapidly flowing puddles. It is for those things I look for, observe and cling to when the storms of  unpredictable things rage elsewhere in our world.

"Let not your heart be trouble, neither be afraid....

A collage of  random photos were recently found on my camera, fancies that make the little things, the simple things of a beautifully created world.
"Let all that has breath praise His holy name!"

I certainly wished I had taken a photo of the pair of mockingbirds swooping to chase the garter snake away; the tenacity of that pair of birds speaks to my heart of guarding myself.

"Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the s…

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