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today's refulgence

Before daybreak I heard the fall rains coming down gently splattering the sidewalk and bushes outside my opened bedroom window. It was a brilliant sound. Now that the temperature has dropped into proper autumn mode the cool hardwood floors have caused me to happily slip my chilled feet into socks. I pad to the kitchen with George and Serena running ahead, opening the back door to allow Louie to slip in, anon all cats are fed.  A gentle light is switched on below the kitchen cabinets and I set the coffee to brew.

I recently purchased beeswax candles that have created a sense of both frugality and luxury. In the glow of predawn I light one single beeswax candle, warming to its soft glow.  A quiet haven in the sun room, it is easy to be thankful for much this day.

Going to the market was on the top of my "to do" list even though the rains were coming down steadily. After preparing a breakfast of eggs and toast for my husband and me I left the house to buy needed ingredients fo…

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