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Yarn Along and noted things

Knitting and reading, yes, I am very pleased to be able to have the sound mind and healthy hands to do both, though not simultaneously. And pleased I am to join in with Ginny's monthly Yarn Along.  I knitted all month and I read all month, most of the time in tiny starts and stops amongst a month of noting the shortening daylight and the preparations necessary for the colder weather that follows these shorter days. The progress on my knitting, however small, is rightly noted. I am making a dent in the gray wrapper, and the anticipation of wearing it is almost like waiting for Christmas. You want it to hurry up and get here, but the delight in the before days is nothing short of wonderful.

My most recent read was a book by J.L. Carr, A Month in the Country, from start to finish a novel consisting of only a 111 pages. I appreciated the story told in this novel and looked forward to picking it up nightly, but sometimes by reading it late at night I felt like I might have cheated myself…

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