Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dog Trials

There is always something new to learn. Today it was Dog Agility Trials 101. When we raised sheep we owned a border collie. He cared for us dearly; he cared nothing for herding sheep. But we were interested enough to go on little excursions to see herding trials. It fascinated us. The dog trial we attended this afternoon, however, was unlike the herding trials in several ways.All the people handling their dogs were so friendly and helpful to share a wealth of information to a family who knows nothing about dog handling and trials.......(or I should say knew nothing).
Rose loved the elegance of the collies and implored me to hold the camera, strap around neck, to take this photograph. This dog is waiting for the sign from her handler to tell her to start the event. Since it was the middle of the afternoon, snacks were "woofed" down so as not to miss a single class.
The biggest treat by far were the Pembroke Corgis! The entire purpose of this adventure.
Another photo beseeching to be taken......she has a willing mom. I see a future for you Mr. Putter. And I will never say never.....but, I do not have plans to train a dog! Absolutely not, remember I am a cat person.

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