Friday, November 7, 2008

Fried Green Tomatoes

It is a fact. Summer tomatoes are probably one of my favorite foods. I can take a fresh, red vine-picked tomato and bite into it it just like I would an apple. Nothing tastes so much like summer, and the tomatoes found in the store in the winter can never compare with homegrown ones.

I would consider it offensive to disallow the ripening of tomatoes on the vine during the warm weather. Silently I suppress any thoughts of the tantalizing fruit in another highly favored form. Yet before the first frost, I can hardly wait until the last of the tomatoes are plucked green and firm from the overgrown plants. They are immediately bought into the house and battered and fried without any qualms whatsoever. After all one can not cook fried green tomatoes without frying them. However, I do use olive oil.

Served along with the evening's meal these tangy delicacies are meant to be a side dish. But to me they are the main course.

But then they are also the appetizer because I have never been able to resist eating some before they are arranged on the platter and set on the the middle of the table. Like I said, the main course.

I do believe it is a good thing to have my computer back and running sufficiently once again. After all was said and done, everything had to be erased and reprogrammed ( but only after trying so many other things first). My virus protection had expired unbeknownst to me and Internet Explorer was having a big party. So now I have been given strict orders and" ground rules"...his words not mine. There are some glitches yet to be worked out in several areas and many places I can not visit until I find out how to access them properly and cleanly. And I do not like how my picture shows up on the comments I send! Sometimes I feel as if I am using an entirely different program altogether.

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