Thursday, August 26, 2010

A country wedding

One of the groomsmen from Witt's wedding was married Saturday. In a wide opened field, with accompanying sunshine and curious grasshoppers, the bride and groom made their sacred vows.

Then everyone walked back down the freshly mown path to a pole barn for the dinner, the dancing and the merriment that was to follow.

 (Claire waiting for the merriment to begin.)

Hayrides were offered for those willing to sit upon bales of hay in their wedding attire.

  A dinner of Greek food was served on different patterned plates and set on tablecloths of either pale wheat, honeydew green, misty rose or antique white. (I seem to take note of such things as plates and tablecloths.)

The band  loaded their equipment onto a trailer decorated with sunflowers.

 I know this is a horrible photo, but I loved seeing Witt and Claire dancing on the sawdust ground.

We watched as the shadows played their silent game and the sky hit a shade of deep midnight blue,  while the mini-lights twinkled and the flickering candles seemed to dance too.

 Too soon, everyone gathered outside to see fireworks explode into the sky with bursts of color and light.  Then the newly wedded couple said their goodbyes, got into the old, white sedan and drove off through the field, the car's headlights illuminating the darkness to give them a way out...and off.

I loved this wedding event, it fit this precious couple to a tee.

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