Thursday, April 19, 2012

glints of an April day

 Little things to share on this day in April. 

How my eyes gravitated to the purple verbena and salmon red azaleas in my backyard every time I glanced outside, what a splendid splash.

How I chased a very tenacious squirrel off the bird feeder as Charlotte laughed at me and his antics as he gleefully got away. I never realized how fast a squirrel could run!

 How I made a batch of granola today. It is just the way I fancy it: oatmeal, butter, honey, almonds, pecans, allspice and cinnamon.

This was after seeing the glass jar of granola setting prettily on Lesley's  counter.

 How I sat in the car with Charlotte this morning for an hour doing arithmetic while Rose had her horseback riding lesson.

 How I whipped together a tomato basil sauce to go along

with the beef and pork meatballs I made yesterday.

 How I watched a flitting chickadee feed on the dangling suet tray.

 How I read about Miss Read and her recent death. I have loved her books ever since an astute librarian back in the mid 80s suggested I read one of her novels; I believe at that time Miss Read was still writing one a year.

How I pre-washed some new cotton fabric to be sewn into summer dresses for Charlotte. I always pre-wash my cotton fabrics before cutting them out.

How I drank English Breakfast tea from a china cup all along thinking about the movie "Ladies in Lavender"where they are frequently pouring tea from lovely china teapots. I have added the soundtrack to this enjoyable movie to my next Amazon order.

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