Saturday, December 13, 2008

Making pillows and quilting

On the twelfth day before Christmas......

Rose was busily sewing a pillow for a friend.

In Polished Cornerstones the girls drew names and the deal was to give a gift that you had made yourself. Rose made a pieced pillow. Many skills were required and learned while doing this craft. Choosing the pattern and fabrics, cutting the pattern, sewing on a machine, embroidering, and then the process required for the cording and backing.

I must make a huge confession here. I sat down to teach her the art of quilting the patches and since she had no interest whatsoever, I merrily quilted along until I completed the entire pillow! I couldn't help myself, it was beyond enjoyable.

Many years ago, in the years before the birth of my children, I quilted. I enrolled in a class at the community college where I made a full sized quilt completely by hand....every single stitch was pieced by hand and then quilted! I can't even believe it myself.

After the birth of my first son I would spend the winter months piecing and quilting pillows with the extra fabric leftovers. Sadly this was another thing that has fallen along the wayside.

I am itching to pick up my needle and begin quilting again. But it will most definitely be pieced on the machine this go round, I have nothing to prove. But first there is the baby afghan to finish since the wee one entered the world early this December morn.

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