Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Sweet Bonnet of Pink

Another baby gift, and this one all pink and white. I feel as if the LORD granted me the privilege of praying for this precious one beginning two summers ago and now the arrival date is only four weeks away. The parents and five year old big sister are jubilant. They have been praying and hoping for so very long.

So I made a very special gift. Her own smocked pink and white "Easter" bonnet, dainty, delicate and oh so feminine.

With the simplest details such as these ribbon clasps to keep the silk ribbons that will caress her tiny, fresh, newborn chin.

"Mrs. Weston, with her baby on her knee, indulging in such reflections as these, was one of the happiest women in the world. If any thing could increase her delight, it was perceiving that the baby would soon have outgrown its first set of caps."
Jane Austen

tea relish

Funny how little things scurry into my mind these days. Things "au nouveau" that prick interest, the voice in the back of my mind ...