Tuesday, July 20, 2010

viewing full things

A sweltering time we had while picking apples from the trees where Witt and Claire live, but it was a fine and dandy time too.

Some might call it a glass half-full depending on how you look at it, but due to our assiduous labor our bags soon bulged full of homegrown apples. Then Claire served us full glasses of iced water to refresh us.

Consequently, my kitchen is full of bags and boxes lying around on the floor and counter waiting to be made into apple butter, applesauce, apple bread and apple cake.
My life is jam-packed full of apples at the present.

And speaking of full things, I love my new MacBook Pro laptop, yet like anything new some things must be relearned and plain figured out. Therefore, the look of the text on this post is not what I intended.

Take it half-full.

moving lugubriously...

Noteworthy that the day is wet and grey. Not just a misty rain, but a gentle rainfall. We all pulled ourselves out of our beds this morning...