Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Readings and Ovaltine Power

"Something was stirring in him; something strong and deep and definite. Suffice it to say he was beginning to know that Christmas was coming-not just on the calendar but in his very soul."

Shepherds Abiding
Jan Karon

I have a list of Christmas books and stories that are pulled out as dear friends to be read over and over every year. The children have their favorites too and we enjoy snuggling up to read them, in the evenings especially.

It never ceases to amaze me how parts of the Christmas story can be found throughout the entire Bible. For example, the girls and I have been studying the Israelite's journey as they have now finally reached the Promised Land, the first battle to be fought is that strong-walled city of Jericho. I am keeping the girls on edge by telling them there is something really wonderful about Rahab. And this week as we get more detailed in our Bible reading of the Christmas story, I will unfold the beautiful lineage of Jesus. Hers is truly a story of grace and truth.

And as I find myself rather discombobulated in finding time to eat as I run from one event to another with everything in between, sometimes I find a drink of Ovaltine with 2% organic milk does the job. Especially if there is yet another food gathering to attend. Thank you Deborah for rather reminds me of Instant Breakfast, and has a very good energy boost. Today it served as my late lunch, because tonight I will head out the door at 5:45 bearing my fifteen ornaments to the annual ornament exchange of which I am a part.


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