Friday, November 21, 2008

Maid Service

Cleaning. I really do like to clean house. It is not just the end result that I love so much, but the process as well. For me it is a part of homemaking that I readily embrace. However, there have been times in my life for various reasons that I have hired someone to clean my house for me.

Oh..... on those days I would glide into a spotlessly clean house and I must confess it would give me a fantastic dust bunnies, no grime, mopped floors, shiny services, everything in its place. Yet by the next morning I realized that I had spent quite a bit of money for something that was already beginning to look rather shabby. So it turned out to be an extremely expensive and short-lived "high".

And wasn't that a part of my job description anyway? My husband worked hard enabling me to stay home and not be concerned about working outside the home to contribute to the family's income. My portion was vital and consequently important.

But lately I must find the time needed to invest in a job well done. A "lick and a promise" only goes so far. I have barely been able to manage a lick, much less a promise. New direction was the call of the day.

I started with my bedroom and bathroom. The day's agenda was to concentrate totally on cleaning these two rooms, but clean them thoroughly. I started in the bathroom and by late afternoon I had completed my goals and finished the bedroom, which even included washing the ceiling fan. In between I managed schooling and laundry, straightened other rooms of the house, and among other things.. delved out more winter clothes as well as putting up those last remaining warm weather clothes....I stopped to observe Charlottes' tent, took a wintry walk around the block,and instructed Rose in cutting out a skirt pattern. I was then motivated to continue on with the vacuuming of other rooms.

Tonight I am tired, but satisfied. I shall glide into my squeaky clean bathroom and rest peacefully in my spotless bedroom. After all,the maid sleeps here!

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