Monday, April 11, 2011

unrolled color

Last year I made Charlotte a pencil case. I still remember the pleasure of simple stitching on felt. Almost every school day this year Charlotte has unrolled this case and displayed her assortment of colored pencils, just like a palette of life savers. She has colored a variety of world geography maps, history sheets, science papers or whatever needed a touch of color. One dear little friend received her own pencil case for her eighth birthday this year.

Charlotte, blanket stitched the berry-red bird and added the snazzy song notes from his bright yellow beak. After it was completed she filled every linear pocket with the assorted colors of new pencils. Now her friend will be able to pull out and unroll her very own pencil case out too. Fun.

november as it looks now

"After the leaves come down, the countryside has an open look. New vistas appear, hills unseen when summer's wealth of green is spr...