Monday, September 29, 2008

A little cottage by the sea

It was a made to order holiday with halcyon moments spent this past weekend by the seaside.The first evening we dined on lobster bisque by the still sound and returned to sit on the open porch in vibrant blue rockers as we watched the shadows of the darkening sky fall at the closing of an exceptional day. (The pedicure of red polish was compliments of Rose the night before departure.)

A river runs through it, and we adore visiting this town, eating by the water, and strolling amongst the little shops. I was fortunate to find lavender and brown soy taper candles which will do nicely on my dining table this fall.

Since food is never far from our minds, as we walked along the wharf we read the various restaurant's posted menus until we found what savories suited our culinary desires for lunch. I chose crab cake served along with Hoppin' John. Perfectly cooked and a very good choice I might add. Just ask my husband, he helped me eat it after finishing his scallops and shrimp. I kept the waiter busy refilling my glass with iced tea.

I love this little cottage by the sea because when you rise with dawn's early light the most stunningly breathtaking sunrises greet you from the porch.

My heart, soul, mind, and spirit merges stout with the gift of yet another day. His Word, a cup of delicious coffee, by the silvery sea, my dear husband nearby....who could ask for anything more?

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