Thursday, January 3, 2013

she said it well...

It is plainly written there on page 95,

"There is no one way to cook, obviously, but we do all have a way that's best for us, and life is so much easier once we know what that is. For example, I don't cook well in chaos. It stresses me out, I get flustered, then I fly into a rage and start banging pots and dropping spoons on the floor. Now that I've got that figured out about myself, I don't even so much as peel as onion unless I've got the kitchen tidy first. I hate to cook under time pressure, too. I am a putterer of the highest order".

I felt so justified when I read this defining bit of knowledge about Laura Calder that she included in her cookbook, French Taste.

 Because I am exactly the same way. I clean my kitchen and get everything in order before attempting to cook a meal. My brain can not function smoothly with clutter or disorderliness in my surroundings.

Claire gifted me with this book for Christmas. I am on my way to cooking elegant meals everyday. But first my kitchen...

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