Saturday, November 17, 2012

violin lessons

Ever since Charlotte was very young I would whisper in her ear,

"Some day you will play a string instrument...a cello, or a violin perhaps."

The day finally arrived, along with the my house.

The plan was that I  might possibly learn how to play some too. I did learn. I learned that I did not prefer the violin as my instrument of choice. Something about the neck position, and even though I could read the music, getting my fingers to cooperate on those strings was another matter altogether.

On Thursday mornings you will find me blissful as I observe my daughter learning to play this beautiful instrument. 

But I feel somewhat like I must look into the camera and make a disparaging statement,

"I am a violin student dropout."

Friday, November 16, 2012

"Not to give way, in moments of fatigue or sadness, to the temptation to slacken my efforts; to remain valiant at whatever sacrifice...Never may any soul hold back discouraged from mine because agitations and worldly complications have hidden the way; may my soul be as smiling as my lips toward all and may Thy Word, O GOD, inspire my humble word and make it fruitful."
Elisabeth Leseur

Who would have guessed or even imagined? A myriad of emotions due to very real events have seasoned my days this month of October. I want to think of them as salt that seasons well, but salt downright first. The  fruit must ripen over time, unfurl gradually.

I traverse amongst the quotidian loveliness of: school, learning along with my children; householding, cleaning, cooking, laundry; personal maintenance, daily stretching exercises and walks and maintaining good nutrition options; extracurricula activities filling my "extra" spaces everywhere I turn. 

Prayer, reading and meditation in His Word, along with scripture memory are vital, the necessary food and water to nourish every inch of my life.

I found this draft as I was doing a little housekeeping on my blog. I remember those October days and decided I would publish this post, however late. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

knitting and reading

*violet fingerless mitts for Charlotte
*biography on loan from a friend
*both good

And also joining up with Ginny's has been too long.

 Feels good.

the 13th of October

Friday, the 13th, and at last the weather has turned cooler. I breathe deeply as I turn off the air-conditioner and slide open a few windows...