Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May Strawberry Breakfast

Nothing shouts strawberries like the month of May. So to the fields we scampered early one morning. Then we came home to make breakfast.

The berries were rinsed thoroughly under running water. My eyes feasted on the visual beauty of the red fruit against the white colander. Something about bright red strawberries in white containers spells beauty and grace to me.

This cookbook has the most deliciously simple whole wheat pancake recipe. (do not let the "new" fool you, I have had this cookbook for quite some time). Maybe it is the added wheat germ that gives it an extra pleasing taste.

Truthfully the sweetness of the berries was enough to make this dish completely nourishing and delectable, but a drizzle of maple syrup brings it up a notch. I close my eyes, to enjoy every single drop of savor from the maple-topped berries.

A wonderful way to start a May morning, don't you think?

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