Wednesday, June 8, 2016

on this Wednesday

 Since socks have proven to be a perfect take along project, I lean toward keeping an ongoing sock project on my dpns at all times. As something new in sock knitting this spring I began knitting a pair of toe-up socks with the added bonus of an afterthought heel. The light blue yarn you see is holding the stitches where I will be adding the heel very soon, I hope

While at our local library sale I was perusing the shelves containing old hardback treasures, the charming book sleeve was enough to arrest my attention, but then the author's name had me recalling a previous book I had read two years ago and I immediately grabbed for it.  The Cutters is a splendid story celebrating family with all its everyday challenges and joys, especially rendering the struggles that motherhood brings into Nell Cutter's home. Yet the heart of her struggles are only echos of many mothers today. It was a satisfying read with a humorous thread running throughout the chapters.

"Her prosaic everyday work at home appeared now, a glorified, beautiful thing. She had come to the land of her heart's desire, and lo! the only land she wanted was the dear, substantial one of her everyday happenings."

I could not resist buying this double pointed needle keeper while in Cary back in April. I am looking forward to sewing some myself since she has graciously provided a tutorial for making your own.

 And since I am knitting and reading, joining the yarn-along flows together quite nicely on this Wednesday.

the completion of Middlemarch

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