Friday, April 24, 2009

Roasting Peppers

Is it not true and taken for granted by most the fact that a large variety of fresh produce can be bought at the local grocery store every day of the year? It might even be an inconvenience if we can not find the right ingredients for a particular recipe we were hoping to make for our family's dinner. But I can remember when this was not always the case. Certain foods would not be expected to be found in bins or cooler shelves during the off season.

But is it not also true that nothing can beat the flavor of fresh food in season? I just picked my first tender spinach leaves, washed them three times, and tossed them into the salad bowl for supper. And my thoughtful friend brought me fresh eggs from the country. I sorely miss my laying hens. Not only for the rich, savory, golden eggs they gave me, but for the joy of watching their antics, and listening to their lively constant music throughout the day. If the city ordinances did not state otherwise, I would most definitely keep a backyard flock of hens, rhode island reds and barred rocks cackling and strutting, nourishing our souls as well as our bodies with the fruit of their labor.

I decided to make a frittatta for supper. A very simple meal. Firstly, I roasted a red pepper. To do this you must make sure you stay wandering off or you may burn your pepper to a crisp. Set you pepper on a baking tray, broil on medium making sure you turn it often so it will cook evenly on all sides. As soon as one side is black, turn until all sides are blackened. After the pepper has roasted, immediately place it in a plastic bag and let it stand for 10-15 minutes. This will make the peeling come off beautifully. Discard the peeling and the seeds which slip out with ease.

Simple, but a meal fit for a king.

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