Monday, April 26, 2010

Lemony and French-styled

It has been mentioned before that I have cravings for lemon- flavored things from time to time, sometimes of gargantuan heights even. A glance through a recipe book recently presented a recipe that set my mouth watering. Therefore, this past weekend I knew I was destined to bake this simple dessert.

It meets the needs of any lemon craving, it contains yogurt, howbeit, whole milk, and has the most appealing name of "French-style". Claire likes anything French which is delightful since she spent a year in Paris several years ago.

This cake was amazing! One layer bursting with lemon and sugar in every bite. The recipe called for plain yogurt that was not fat free or nonfat. This was a small challenge, I altered the recipe by using Stoneyfield's French Vanilla (there's the French once again) whole cream on top yogurt. I thought anything that tasted that marvelous out of the container had to make a fantastic cake.

We carried it with us to visit my in-laws yesterday afternoon. Every last crumb was devoured. Now I will just have to make another one!

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